Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy holi by roli!

Deviyon aur devo!

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous holi!

Yaar Bangalore mein festival wali feel nai aa rahi hai iss baar!...I think the only city in India to work even on holi is bangalore...kamine papi log!bechare bache!..sabki jaan lenge ye office wale!

Its still better than Chennai ...last year, I had the was the worst holi of my lifetime...aadhi janta ko holi ke bare mein pata hi nai chala....aur jaise hi meine colours ke packet nikala aapne purse se...there was a mini stampede...sare jake toilet mein chup gaye jaise ki koi bhoot aaya ho! "aiyyooo roli!..what are you doing maa?! aiyoooo!!(phurrrrr and hide in men room!...phattuu!) I hardly managed to splash color on few people and was truly depressed, until my friend Rini organised a chotu holi party at Ayon's house with all possible colors and bhang you could ever find in Chennai! finally we had some festive fun!

childhood holi was amazing!...we used to wait for the festival anxiously unless board exams come in and played the perfect role of being a spoilt sport. mommy used to start her holi preparation a week in advance and will start preparing all possible dishes she knew!(she hates buying sweets or anything from outside as it will be a kalank on her excellent cooking skills)...papa dearie used to have tough time..ye color cahiye to vo color cahiye...bechare paresan ho jate bazaar jate jate! frustrated he will take any one us and let us decide the specific color we want and the pickari! how can I forget!..my special target used to be the creatures I hate the most or who try to run away from playing holi! aage aage Mr. or Mrs. XYZ, piche piche hum bachoon ki toli! bucket mein pani bhar bhar ke sabko unki nani yaad dilane mein bada mazza aata tha! har ek ke ghar jate the aur rang lagene ke bahane chilla te the...aunty mithai mein kya kya banaya aapne?! aur thoso jitna thoss sakte ho! hum bache phir bhi sudre hua tha...hamare papa log ko abir ya pickari se khelne mein sharam aati thi....they used to play with the worst kachara possible and Mobil used to be the main ingredient! and mummy logon ki toli...unka to range hi nirala tha....gobar aur kichar se..AP mein iss samay barish kafi hoti hai....to kichar is available in abundant quantity...gobar?!...ye bharat desh hai janni!....he he!

college ki holi ka to koi jawaab nahi! ek din pehle se hi shuru ho jate tha! raat ko haar kisi ke room mein jake ke jabardasti rang laga ka mazza hi kuch aalag tha...kuch ladkiyan thi jo skin kharaab ho jane ke daar se pati nahi kaha chup jati thi....sabko pakad pakad ke rang lagao....thode time tak sharafat se khelte the phir kache andee, kichaad dustbin ka kachda aur kya nahi...uff! warden haalla karte reh jati thi...go outside and play par sunta kuan tha....ulta hostel ke pani ke tank ki maa behen!
guys used to have lots of fun...ladkiyon ko rang lagane ke liye joo bhagte the...pucho maat!

Meri bakwaas kyun padh raho ho murakkh!....jao holi khelo!

Happy holi to you once again!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

anti rape law.....errr what?!

Hi bloggie!
my blog of today is inspired by this chetan bhagat's column, the link is here, and I cant agree more,

After reading the blog, I realized that I am yet to go through the recently passed anti rape law, sitting alone in my office and reading the newspaper, I cant stop smiling at the apathy of our judiciary system, they call as the tough anti rape law, I call it as "comedy law". the best part was government fear to lower down the age of consent for sex at 18 years.

I have few questions,
a) does anyone ask government before having sex?
b) do so called small Indian kids below 18 years don't know about sex?
c) does a 16 year old or 17 year can't rape?
d) why are we so skeptical about "sex"?

Does any one ask government before "thinking" about sex or bother what's there age?!...bullshit!
before this particular clause was hyped I bet 70% of Indians weren't aware that a law of consent of sex ever existed!

an average girl or a guy reaches puberty at the age of 14-15 years, instead of teaching them about there body, we refrain them of any information as SEX is taboo! talking about sex is baad! who will guarantee that these kids do not browse porn online or don't have porn videos in their phone? the curiosity always urges people to find a way out...simple rule.
I remember my school days.. 12 biology, we had these two chapters which dealt with human sexual behavior or in clear words sex! it was the first ever bio class which had 100 % attendance. everyone was curious of topic of the day..girls were shy, tugged their head down(but in full attendance ha!), face red with embarrassment and the guys had the best time. the questions they had or their knowledge on the subject, i have no words! and the best part, my teacher finished those two chapters in a day! you can imagine what he actually taught us.

a child under 18 years of age can't rape?! well Delhi gang rape is the proof, dont have anything else to say.

there is so much debate going around, eating the empty head of our dumbhead politician, to introduce SEX EDUCATION in our school curriculum? I support that SE should be introduced in school, what is wrong in teaching our kids about good and bad touch? teach them of the changes happening in their body when they attain puberty? my ramaiah hotel rommates will agree with me,there were actually one girl who thought a man's touch can make her pregnant!...like the famous salman-aishwarya scene from hum dil de chuke sanam! epic it was! why can't we teach kids what's happening to them, better them and empower them to take there own decisions.

Wearing long skirt or banning lipstick or opening women banks won't reduce the rape cases or child abuse...educating them definitely does.


Friday, March 15, 2013


Ek garam chai ki pyali ho, 
koi usko pilani wali ho,
cahe gori ho ya kali ho, 
sine se lagane wali ho!

Above cheesy lines are copied from some hindi movie song...i think salman khan movie...describing the essence of the humble chai(in a sexy way though)! my life is incomplete without them trust me! so many health dikkat or diet gyan keep coming on tv, drink this tea, that tea or the best, "green tea" but nothing beats the refreshment and calmness of adrak wali chai!I need my dose of "adrak wali chai" or the compensation "elachi wali chai"...just love them as my brain refuse to function unless I have my morning cuppa of tea.

The roadside chai and bakery "BISSCUIT" are my all time favorites...sounds old fashioned and downmarket...ki farak painda hai! I actually have these favorites places on my travel itinerary and  never miss any opportunity to grab my cutting chai. like this place when I go home, the overnight bus stops at this place in dibrugarh, the early morning assam tea refreshes me like anything. My ex-colleagues in The Hindu must agree with the taste of that chotu tea stall right outside the gate and the biscuit he serves with them...DIVINE! hygiene ki maa behan though, but who cares!

As my friend tanuja reminds me of the kulhad wali chai, which you get in northern india, or thanks to lalu ji sometimes even in Indian railways, the taste is just exotic with that earthy-earthy smell!

What you thinking, go grab your cuppa of tea!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


You say you LOVE rain,
but you open your umbrella,
you say you LOVE the sun,
but you find a shadow spot,
you say you LOVE the winds,
but you close the windows,
this is why I am afraid, 
you say that you LOVE me too.
                                       William Shakespeare.

Hello there!

Just came back from work, was a tiring and hectic day, lying on my bed and my cuppa of coffee on the table next to me, vanessa carlton thousand miles playing loud in my room...switched off the light and lying down wanna take a little nap! alas!...its terribly hot! like really really hot! I turned the fan to its maximum speed while the thought running in my mind "Shall I buy an AC?!...in Bangalore"! the words sounds like murder to the world famous Bangalore weather!

It didn't rain for last FOUR months!

My time machine takes me back to my childhood(again, yes!) born and brought up in Arunachal Pradesh, where the weather was beautiful as you could imagine. but I HATED it! months used to pass by, without sunrise a single day and heavy rainfall 24x7! Mommy dear had hard time getting our school uniform dried and I remember her running with clothes the moment she spotted that one ray of sunlight. god was sitting up there and waiting, the moment Roli is out, lets get her drenched! every single time without fail and the day I forget the umbrella, DEAD!

Though I hated getting drenched in rain, I always loved the sound of rain, and falling asleep after being cuddled in my velvet red blanket..it used to be so cosy! or make garam garam pakkodas, ginger tea and sit in the balcony watching kids splashing water on each other, dancing, sneezing and laughing at you!

Bangalorean know this strange fact about the city, it starts somewhere in May end, the city will be super sunny in mornings, all of sudden at 3 pm you can see cloud all around, and after 4.30 "RAIN"!
it used to be the time when our classes get over and that chaat guy right outside the college gate!....voila! me and swasti never missed the aloo tikki chaat and those rain trinklets! took an auto, back home and I am inside my blanket...time for my cosy nap while its raining outside!

OK Mr. Rain, too much of buttering now!...ab to aa jao yaar!!!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

college wala Mess!

college mess?!..ha?! you must be wondering what is wrong with me and why I am writing about them. We had our graduation alumni meet yesterday(M S Ramaiah college precisely) and as I entered the college and the foodie in me barked out loud "What happened to our small garage canteen which was of the size of match box, where we used to have our breakfast of masala dosa between lab breaks,tomato rice in lunch and were serviced fungus enriched idly at times! nothing great taste wise but it was nostalgic to see the canteen yesterday.
Memories I saayy!!

I stay in the same college area even today and lemme tell you there are too many mess than my college days with equally funny names, "Bhabhi mess, Kusum mess, Paratha bhaiya, oriya mess, kolkata mess, kerela mess, bachu mess, north Indian mess"...list is very long...phew!

And how dare I forgot?!...our one and only "window mess"!....:-)
OK, our window mess was one and only mess which gives us the access to get food without us bothering how we look! arre,  it was pharmacy dept. canteen and its window was facing our hostel and guess what, one of the window pan was broken, so we used to walk to the canteen in our room shorts, mess up hair and off course all those yawns, make a puppy face to the grumpy receptionist and ask him to pass us the food! and if sweets are missing, one more barbie face! he must be cursing us!..:-D

And that anapurna mess, where the food was fairly ok  until we found cockroach in our "vegetable fried rice"! eekks! never stepped in the canteen again!
The mouth watering spicy chicken of Oriya and north Indian mess and fish of kolkata mess are just yummy!
Every hostel block had these small mess or say shops where we used to get our endless cuppa of coffee and tea and those samosas and cup noddles! our gossip sessions were  incomplete without them and they were blessing in disguise for we poor "girlies"! and if it rains "Masa allah"!

I wish there were time machine!..would love to go back to my good o'l college days and eat at those college wala mess!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

21st century love!

Tia is eating pizza...crown pizza precisely...have seen lot of advertisements about the same, felt like trying it today..all thanks to Bangalore weather, is back to what it used to be! gloomy, windy, romantic! the slices remind her of him...he loved them, the only thing as remotely as fast food he liked was pizza! it is almost going to be two months she didn't spoke to him, someone who meant her to be the world sometime back.

Tia never understood MEN and LOVE.

To her, love as someone said, is beyond any boundaries, nationality, caste and uff "what not"(and yes money in today's world)! all those Shakespeare books and stories she grew up reading, made her believe that true love is eternal and blissful!
Little did she realize, its 21st century already baby! the rules are changed, and now its more of a game of countless calculations. the one who displays emotion first, gets treated like a dog and a collar.
Money, "oh yes" is very important, the gifts, flowers,chocolates,shopping etc.  can make or break a relationship. Valentines day is the perfect time, when a smart businessman becomes crorepati and as they say celebrating this day without gifts is equal to committing a horrendous crime! Poor men and their pocket!

Men, on the other hand, are equally complicated! why cant they have the guts to open there mouth! its nothing remotely manly in playing with the emotion of a girl, you like them, say yes, you don't say no! simple.
Why cant you express yourself?! why does it takes almost a century for you to decide what you actually want and then take a 360 degree turn? you like fooling around with a girl and then freeze in your pants in the name of "LOVE". why cant you be honest to yourself and the other person?! it saves you from a major mess! and the best excuse "My parents will not agree with my choice"!
Full stop!

Amiss all this hopahoop, Tia just realize  the pizza is yummy and delicious! something she never tried before, is going to make herself a cup of coffee and is back to her new job, as an interior designer, and the guy whose house she designing next, is drop dead gorgeous! glee glee!! she is picking up the pieces again, is getting back to normal, trying to breathe in the new life and yes, she still believe that there is some idiot, somewhere made for her, who proves her wrong! and the Shakespeare "ian" theory right!